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A change you can taste one cup of coffee at a time.


Table Of Content

  • How Buena Vida Started
  • What We Have Achieved
  • Where We Currently Stand

 Coffee With A Purpose

Choose Buena Vida Specialty Coffee and embrace a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary. Delight in the high-quality coffee taste while making a tangible impact on the world. Part of our mission is to provide to conscious consumers like you, who seek to balance exceptional flavor with responsible and mindful choices. With complete traceability and a steadfast commitment to authenticity, we carefully select our partners to ensure they share our vision of making a positive change.
Together, we achieve this, one regenerative specialty coffee at a time.

Meet Our Team

Gally  Mayer

Gally Mayer

Co founder of Buena Vida Specialty Coffee.
Leader in re-shaping the coffee industry.

Alex Awan

Alex Awan

CEO of Buena Vida Specialty Coffee.
Co-Founder Taste Pura Vida Business Administrator

Deylin Chinchilla

Deylin Chinchilla 

COO at Buena Vida Specialty Coffee

Federico Rojas.jpg__PID:fd9891e6-3f6a-44ec-8fef-9104b34e9d5f

Federico Rojas

Barista of Buena Vida Specialty Coffee

Roy Marin.png__PID:513d6272-fd98-41e6-bf6a-24ec4fef9104

Roy Marin

Barista of Buena Vida Specialty Coffee

How Buena Vida Started

In the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, where fertile volcanic soils produce some of the world's finest coffee, Buena Vida Specialty Coffee was born out of a profound passion for both coffee and making a positive impact.


Our journey began with a simple yet powerful belief: coffee can be more than just a beverage—it can be a force for good. Inspired by the rich coffee heritage of our region and the dedicated farmers who cultivate the land, we set out to create a company that prioritizes farmers' prosperity, soil well-being, and exceptional quality.

Recibidor Cafe - Finca Fabricio.jpeg__PID:401aa254-9e65-4119-8e72-56597bfc4cab

From the outset, our mission was clear: to elevate coffee with a purpose. We envisioned a business that not only delivers high-quality coffee but also creates an experience that supports and empowers the hardworking farmers who make it all possible. By focusing on regenerative agriculture and ethical practices, we aim to foster a thriving and sustainable coffee industry. Our vision includes sustainable prosperity for farmers, environmental stewardship, and delivering exceptional quality that enriches the lives of our customers while supporting our planet and its people.

What We Have Achieved

Over the years, Buena Vida Specialty Coffee has made significant strides toward realizing our vision. We have established strong relationships with hundreds of organic and regenerative coffee producers, business owners, and organizations in Costa Rica and beyond. Through these partnerships, we advocate for their needs and collaborate with influential entities such as the Costa Rican government, BAC Credomatic Costa Rica, ICAFE, the European Union, and the United Nations.

Additionally, our partnership with BAC Credomatic Costa Rica has led to the creation of a low-interest lending vehicle that offers coffee farmers access to loans at Bank for Development rates. This initiative supports and empowers farmers in their sustainable practices, providing financial assistance for working capital, soil regeneration, and more.


One of our proudest achievements is our ongoing project with the United Nations FAO, where we have developed a capacity-building workshop for soil testing. This initiative equips farmers with the skills to conduct soil tests and measure their carbon footprint, promoting sustainable practices and enhancing environmental stewardship.

Where We Curently Stand

Today, Buena Vida Specialty Coffee stands as a proud advocate for sustainable coffee farming and farmer prosperity. We are deeply committed to traceability and accountability, ensuring that every step of the coffee’s journey—from the moment it is planted to the moment it reaches your cup—can be traced. This commitment allows us to establish a direct connection between our customers and the inspiring stories of the dedicated individuals behind each coffee bean.

We continue to source the finest locally harvested organic specialty beans, enhancing their natural flavors through expert roasting and a scientific approach. Our coffee is not only a testament to exceptional taste but also a symbol of our dedication to responsible and mindful choices.

In addition to our work within the coffee industry, Buena Vida Specialty Coffee proudly supports @Futbolxmipais, a foundation dedicated to educating and empowering underprivileged youth through soccer. By investing in community initiatives that promote education and personal development, we aim to create lasting positive impacts beyond the coffee sector.

With every cup of Buena Vida Specialty Coffee, our customers contribute to Soil Regeneration, Climate Change Mitigation, and the opportunity for Farmers to Thrive.

Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic
Special Blend - Organic

Special Blend - Organic


Our Next Steps

As we look to the future, Buena Vida Specialty Coffee is dedicated to deepening our impact and expanding our reach. Our journey is far from over, and we have ambitious plans to continue driving positive change in the coffee industry.


We aim to increase the number of farmers engaged in regenerative agriculture by providing more education and resources. By working closely with organizations like the United Nations FAO and the local ones, we will develop new completely free workshops and training programs focused on soil health, biodiversity, and sustainable farming practices.

At Buena Vida Specialty Coffee, we are excited about the future and remain steadfast in our commitment to elevating coffee with a purpose. Together with our partners, farmers, and customers, we will continue to drive meaningful change, ensuring that every cup of coffee makes a positive difference in the world.