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Promoting Farmer Prosperity

Promoting Farmer Prosperity

Aug 3, 2023

We have partnered with BAC San Jose Bank to create a low interest lending vehicle that offers coffee farmers access to loans at Bank for Development rates. This initiative aims to support and empower farmers in their sustainable practices by providing financial assistance for working capital, regeneration of soils, coffee plants, and more.

Additionally, we are working with the Transforma Innova project of GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), the European Union, the minsitry of agriculture, and the ICAFE a platform for policy and assistance. Additionally, we are developing a manual that offers technical and financial assistance to coffee farmers for growing, transitioning and promoting organic and regenerative farming methods.

By working closely with financial institutions and partnering with renowned international organizations, we are dedicated to facilitating the transition to sustainable coffee farming (“The Fair Coffee Initiative”), empowering farmers, and promoting a more resilient and responsible coffee industry.