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Coffee Cherry Buena Vida


Regenerating from soil to cup

Over 60% of coffee farmers are in significant debt

Less than 7% of coffee is organic, less than 1.5% in Costa Rica

Over 50% of coffee land will not be suitable by 2050


Welcome to the Fifth Fave of Coffee

Where Quality, Farmer and Soil comes FIRST

Farmer Prosperity

100% Costa Rica

Regenerative Practices

Specialty taste

Farmer Prosperity

Buena Vida sources the finest coffee beans from carefully selected regenerative farms in Costa Rica. With your support, we uphold our promise of true prosperity pricing for farmers.

100% Costa RIca

We are a proud Costa Rican company that works exclusively with small, local farmers who are part of a rich coffee heritage, considered among the best in the world with its fertile volcanic soils.

Regenerative Practices

We go beyond organic by promoting regenerative practices, enhancing the farm ecosystem through nature-based solutions to help mitigate climate change, allowing farmers to prosper, while promoting a healthy planet.

Specialty Taste

We've created a Specialty Coffee experience provided to you with the finest arabica beans. Our practices ensure a taste that is remarkably smooth & rich.

Everything with pourpose

Buena Vida Specialty Coffee proudly supports @Futbolxmipais, a foundation dedicated to educating and empowering underprivileged youth through soccer.

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