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Embracing Regenerative Agriculture and Healing the Soils

Embracing Regenerative Agriculture and Healing the Soils

Aug 3, 2023

We are proud to represent over hundreds of organic and regenerative coffee producers in Costa Rica and the region. Our focus is to advocate for their needs, collaborating with influential organizations and institutions, including the Costa Rican government, BAC San Jose Bank, ICAFE (Costa Rican coffee farmer association), the European Union, the United Nations, the American government, coffee shops, hotels, roasters, coffee buyers and others in the value chain.


Aligned with the @kisstheground movement, we actively engage in initiatives that promote biodiversity and reduce the use of agrochemicals. One of our ongoing projects involves partnering with the United Nations FAO, to develop a capacity building workshop for soil testing. This workshop will equip farmers with the necessary skills to conduct soil tests and measure the carbon footprint on their farms, promoting sustainable practices and enhancing environmental stewardship.